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“If Ya Wanna Party, Let’s Get Down and Dirty”

And that’s exactly how this past Tuesday began. I had the rare opportunity to spend some time in the recording studio with Brand New Machine, an American hard rock band from right here in Dallas, TX! If you haven’t heard their music, you have been missing out. BNM is a real force of nature, a powerhouse in a genre that has been untapped for too long. Let’s just say they are bringing real rock back to the music scene. BNM is a culmination of styles ranging from the attitude of old school rock and modern hard rock, all wrapped up into one big party!

BNM Promo Photo

I was in for a killer experience. Not only did I get to watch the magic happen, but I got to join in the fun and lay down some background gang vocal tracks with the band. (I better be getting some credit on the album!) Underneath all the rock-and-roll fun, they are true professionals who take their art very seriously. Brantly, Wiley and Kenny knew exactly what they wanted out of the session and they weren’t afraid to say so. I didn’t get to meet Michael this time because he was in LA. Secretly, it would have been cool to meet him since he played with Faster Pussycat, Adler’s Appetite and Beautiful Creatures before joining BNM. I’ll just take a rain check on that.

BNM Rock and Roll

At the helm was Ryan Greene, Producer Extraordinaire. Greene’s talent for finding the right sound is truly unbelievable. And let me say, he’s REALLY funny too. But the next time someone says, “It’s missing that lower sound. I think you all need to get on all fours and try to sing it”, I won’t be so gullible. Greene has worked with artists like Jay-Z, Alice Cooper, Tonic, Cheap Trick and even Gladys Knight and Patti La Belle, just to name a few.

BNM in Studio

BNM is in the studio now finishing their self-titled debut album, set to release in June on Epochal/EMI Records and their first single will release next month. Personally, I am hoping it’s “Girls Like You” because that one just makes me want to party. When BNM isn’t busy in the studio these days you can find them on the road, doing what they do best, bringing American hard rock back to fans that have missed it for too long. Most recently BNM toured with heavyweight acts like Guns N’ Roses in India and there are other exciting tour dates to be announced soon.

BNM Rock and Roll

Get to know Brand New Machine. You’ll thank me for it.



Brand New Machine is:

Brantly Thompson – lead singer

Michael Thomas – guitar

Wiley IV – bass

Kenny Sizelove – drums


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